We stand in solidarity with health care professionals battling the COVID-19 pandemic globally and are extremely grateful for their tireless dedication to saving lives and selfless devotion in this time of urgency. We are repositioning a significant portion of our supply chain capability and working with our network of trade partners to shift our focus to the procurement of medical supplies for immediate, urgent use in healthcare facilities.

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About us

Boyacá Trading Company is an exporter and importer of fresh, frozen and processed agricultural goods from South America to the United States. We specialize in Full Container Loads (FCLs) – dry and reefer – of products for export/import.


Boyacá has established relationships with farmers and plantation owners across the agricultural regions of Colombia to enable us to source high-end, exotic fruits. With a diversified network of ground and ocean transport companies, logistics providers and customs agents, we are able to streamline the export/import process to ensure fast delivery of the freshest produce from the farms to our customers.​


Our mission is to bring sustainable, premium exotic produce to consumers at an affordable price. By working closely with each of our partners across the supply chain, we are able to accomplish our goals.



Boyacá has established a Sustainable Initiative Platform (SIP) in accordance with Conservation International and is dedicated to sourcing Fair Trade Certified products from sustainability-focused farmers. Our ongoing, long-term commitment is focused on promoting climate resiliency and allowing farmers to continue their sustainable farming traditions for generations to come. We work with farmers and supply-chain partners to promote best environmental practices and incorporate socially and environmentally responsible business decisions across all of our operations.


Boyacá has made a pledge to 1% For The Planet - a global movement inspiring businesses to support environmental solutions through donations to highly vetted environmental nonprofit organizations. Boyacá Trading Company donates 1% of annual revenue to this mission.


We are working with the International Center for Tropical Agriculture in Colombia (CIAT) to further promote and support sustainable agricultural practices with our farming partners.



Boyacá's range of products includes: fresh and frozen fruits and vegetables, processed foods, and specialty coffee – both green and roasted. We incorporate the highest measures of inspection and quality control, security protocols, and logistics management across the entire supply chain, insuring that our goods reach their destination in an uninterrupted and timely manner. ​